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We So Believe In our products and our support that we are removing the refund policy and standing 100% behind our software!

Our software its not perfect but it works very well. We guarantee you that you will not need a refund! If you run into any problems using or running the software we will assist you until it is fixed, or provide you with a custom solution if necessary. We promise to provide full support!

Our friend Eric Balfour shares a good reference with us:

Only Internet Marketers who sell marketing software offer that totally ridiculous "No questions asked" 100% money back guarantee on downloadable software. And they do it for 2 reasons:

1. To lower your resistance to buying from them.
2. Because they have no intention of offering full support or updating the software on a regular basis to remove bugs and add new features.

Major software companies like Microsoft would never let you buy Frontpage, install it on your computer for 30 days then bring the box back to the store.

Why? Because … you'd still have a copy of the software!

Top notch software developers like Microsoft stand behind their product with support and frequent updates! Not many marketing product developers do that… They build it, cash in and run. We use our own software and we are constantly thinking of new ideas for features and we implement them for our customers.

Our Reasons Why We Don't Offer Refund

1. We offer trial version of our software. You can see exactly what you get and how it works.

2. We stand behind our software 100%. We provide personal support and plenty of updates. The software works flawlessly and our users will tell you so. If need you can read independent unsolicited testimonials and reviews about Uberbots software.

3. Rest assured you are getting a terrific piece of software, that is backed by the original developer. If we did not back this product with support, we would have to offer refunds! Many marketers offer the refund policy because they know they will never offer the kind of support their customers need. You do not have to worry about this with Uberbots Software.

4. The vast majority of the people who seek refunds are people who want free software. We call them (Tire Kickers). They usually send an email saying something like this "Sorry it is just not for me, please refund my money".

Uberbots its 100% backed by its Code Developers.

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Free Website Viewer
Use this bot to retrieve any webpage online, it supports multi sockets and also 5 different types of proxies. You can also request pages as GET do send POST data.

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